EDR Insight Property Contamination Tracker: JANUARY

EDR, the innovator of the world’s largest and most accurate database of environmental and historical land use records, released its January 2014 Property Contamination Tracker.

EDR Insight regularly tracks news stories about past contamination impacting commercial and residential properties in the United States. Below, organized by state, is a table of the top 20 stories published in the past month. Each one involves historical property use(s) (e.g., gas station, dry cleaner, manufacturing plant, landfill, etc.) that resulted in contamination impacting a target or surrounding properties (e.g., single-family homes, multifamily properties, office buildings, strip malls, etc.).

AL Mayor Asks Businesses to Resolve Plume Issue Commercial Various Dry cleaners, gas stations
AR State Issues Whirlpool Contamination Plan Residential TCE Manufacturing
CO FHA Refuses to Insure Mortgages Near Superfund Site Residential Lead, arsenic Not specified
GA Meth Lab Discovered in Hotel Hotel Solvents, hazardous substances Meth lab
GA Contamination Examined Under City Hall Site Future government building Petroleum hydrocarbons Gas station
IA EPA Steps In To Investigate PCE Contamination Commercial PCE, vapor intrusion Not specified
MI Groundwater Case Continues Against Food Mfr Residential Manganese, iron, chloride, sodium and arsenic Fruit processing plant
MN TCE Contamination Not Limited to Minneapolis Residential TCE, vapor intrusion Parts cleaner
MN Razing Macy’s More Lucrative for Developers Retail Asbestos, lead based paint Retail
MO Residents Claim Contamination Making Them Sick Residential TCE, vapor intrusion Not specified
MT Judge Dismisses Lawsuit Against Arco Residential Arsenic, hazardous substances Former smelter
N/A Report Highlights Lack of Lab Cleanup Standards Residential Solvents, hazardous substances Meth lab
NC New Efforts Could Invigorate Site Development Vacant Unspecified Dry cleaner
NM Hotel Owners Withdraw From Battle Against Oil Company Hotel Petroleum hydrocarbons Gas station
NY Development Group Buys Adjacent Brownfield Site Vacant Solvents Dry cleaner, laundry
OH Toxic Vapors Being Investigated Residential TCE and PCE Rubber factory
SC Supreme Court Considers Contamination’s Impact Residential TCE Electronics mfg
TX Case Centers on Fracking Wastewater Rice farm Fracking Wastewater Fracking
VA U.S. Probes Groundwater Contamination in Sandston Residential TCE, vapor intrusion Not specified
WA Google Removes Contamination Commercial development Petroleum hydrocarbons, semi-volatile organic compounds, chlorinated solvents Chemical mixing/storage