Collateral Site Inspections

Collateral verification is an important component of your loan processing and approval process, as well as monitoring properties over the long term. Collateral360 makes it easy to order site inspection reports, providing a cost effective method to verify collateral, business occupancy, and property conditions. These are not environmental reports, but rather verification of the physical attributes of a property, its occupancy, and surrounding neighborhood. We have partnered with Quiktrak, a leader for over 20 years in providing critical pre- and post-transaction inspection reports.

  • Comprehensive, uniform, easy to interpret reports
  • Turnaround time options—24 hour, 3 day, 5 day
  • Scheduled, or unannounced site visits

A simple mouse click in Collateral360 and you can choose from one of two available inspection services: QUIKPRO and QUIKVIEW.

The QUIKPRO Report provides a comprehensive site inspection report including interior and exterior inspections, interview with the site contact, observations of the property as well as the surrounding neighborhood. Choose from scheduled or unannounced visits.

The QUIKVIEW Report provides a cost effective site inspection that includes an exterior only “drive-by” business verification with general business and neighborhood observations.