“ScoreKeeper is the only reliable metric we have found to gauge our presence in our markets. We use it internally and externally to send a message to our staff and clients on where we stand in the transactional due diligence landscape. I always reference ScoreKeeper in introductory correspondence and during presentations to demonstrate how our volume in conjunction with the clients we serve equates to customer satisfaction and loyalty.”

Michael T. Kulka, P.E. | Founder and CEO


Our Advantage

We are the only firm that tracks property due diligence trends in the U.S. For more than two decades, we have tracked data on more than 50 million site assessments in the U.S. market. EDR’s ScoreKeeper uses output from our ScoreKeeper™ model, the proven market monitor for the environmental due diligence industry. EDR clients routinely rely on ScoreKeeper tools for strategic intelligence on Phase I environmental site assessment activity, with detail provided by region, state, metropolitan area—or customized reports for their individual firm. Leading environmental consulting firms that perform Phase I ESAs subscribe to ScoreKeeper™ data for answers for reliable quantitative time-series metrics on their performance, an analysis of their competitive position in the market and geographic detail on Phase I ESA markets across the U.S.

Our mission is to provide firms with actionable data to help them better understand their market, their competitive position and where they should be focusing.


EDR’s ScoreKeeper™ model is the recognized market monitor for the environmental due diligence industry. State Profile subscriptions deliver regular updates on Phase I environmental site assessment activity in a given state, with detail provided by region, metropolitan area, county and property type relative to U.S. benchmarks. Customized to each subscriber, ScoreKeeper’s Competitive Profile subscriptions provide quarterly metrics on a company’s competitive position in the strongest markets for Phase I ESAs, comparisons of their performance against industry benchmarks and data on the company’s ordering offices against metro-level market activity.

Competitive Profiles

Customized Reports Offer National Firms Strategic Performance Data

Your challenge: ASSESSING your firm’s performance in key regions, states and metros.

OUR SOLUTION: ScoreKeeper Competitive Profile

You’re looking for an edge in a market that just gets more competitive. You need data to help you answer high-level strategic questions like this:

  • “Did our company rank go up last quarter?”
  • “Is our performance in Los Angeles in line with the market’s performance?”
  • “How are we trending competitively in major metros?”
  • “Are any of our offices under-performing?”
  • “How close are we to being a Top 10 Firm in California? Florida?”
  • “Should we expand? Close offices? Open new ones? Where?”


Data. Insight. Analysis. Planning.

Our subscribers use our customized Competitive Profiles to measure their company’s performance over time, gauge performance versus sales goals by state, compare one office’s performance to others, publish quarterly PR notices to communicate the company’s rank to prospective clients and more. A customized subscription to the EDR ScoreKeeper Competitive Profile offers you the industry’s only source of data on:

  • Your firm’s performance over time, charted against the U.S. market
    Changes in your firm’s rank and market share over time
  • Your firm’s performance in your strongest states
  • A performance profile for your firm’s operations in the highest-growth metros
  • A comparison of your firm’s quarterly performance vs. the U.S. market and EDR25 Index
  • Charts and graphs you can use in internal planning meetings