Sanborn® and Sanborn Map®

The Certified Sanborn Map® Report is the result of a search of the complete holdings of the Sanborn® Library, which dates from 1866 and includes over 1.3 million Sanborn Fire Insurance Maps. This essential Phase I ESA historical information source tracks the changing landscape and property uses of approximately 12,000 American cities and towns since the late 19th century.

Since we acquired the Sanborn Map Company’s collection in 1996, we have revolutionized the fire insurance map research process. The original Sanborn collection has been digitized and can be searched from your desktop through our website.

How EDR Has Improved Your Sanborn Experience:


Since the entire collection has been rescanned into a seamless digital mosaic, reviewing Sanborn maps as part of your historical research has never been more convenient or valuable. With Seamless Sanborn, your target property is centered in the middle of the Sanborn image, and the image will always be oriented north-up. With this improvement, turnaround time has been reduced, and the mosaic images are easy in fun to review in our online viewer, EDR Lightbox.

EDR Lightbox®

Review multiple years of Sanborn coverage with online tools that allow you to layer and switch between Sanborn maps, current aerial photos and Google Street View, and change the opacity of each layer to view multiple images simultaneously. Access these powerful features through EDR Lightbox.

A unique certification number that can be used to validate your search

The Sanborn certification number provides documentation that you have searched the complete Sanborn Library collection, the largest and most comprehensive collection of Sanborn Maps. It also documents that you are licensed to reproduce the map images in your report. (Sanborn Maps obtained from EDR-authorized resellers will receive the same certification benefits.)

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Other Features

  • Review instant map coverage results
  • Same Day Sanborn® service to get your Sanborn Maps within one business day

Download a copy of our Sanborn symbol key and legend here. 


Sanborn Maps were originally created for the fire insurance industry, and show intricate details in buildings, properties and streets. They are one of the best sources of historical property information and are used every day by thousands of environmental consultants to conduct Phase I ESAs. Other building professionals also find value in Sanborn Maps’ unmatched detail and breadth of coverage.