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RIMSCentral is the due diligence portal where bank appraisal staff and appraisers meet – in a process designed for compliance. It is the hub that keeps all parties in touch and informed in real time. Banks get the word out, and appraisers get the bids in. RIMSCentral is fast and efficient, and fully documented to keep all parties compliant.

How RIMSCentral will change the way you work:

  • Automate tasks, eliminate mistakes, and reduce loan-to-close time
  • Integrated messaging to keep all stakeholders informed
  • Complete audit logging supports transparency and drives efficiency
  • Simplify data analysis to easily assess risks across the loan portfolio
  • Integrates with Narrative1 to increase efficiencies between lender and vendor

RIMSCentral is where appraisers and lenders find each other. In fact, more than 25,000 appraisers are registered users who log-in and submit tens of thousands of responses every day. Banks send appraisal requests, and appraisers bid in the same system. Aggregating email strings is a thing of the past with RIMSCentral.

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