Organize appraisal details, build narratives at the touch of a button and save significant time writing your reports. Narrative1 changes the way you write and deliver appraisals. Customize and standardize your language, then merge the details to instantly create a professional document that will save you time and earn you more business!

How Narrative1 will change the way you work

  • Use familiar technologies transformed to new heights
  • Automate your process to deliver high quality and more consistent appraisals faster
  • Adapts to your style, business process and distinctive brand
  • Integrates with RIMS and RIMSCentral to increase your competitive advantage

Increase Profitability

  • Use Narrative1 to create a repeatable workflow and increase the number of reports completed and billed per year, generating more revenue for your business. N1 also serves as a gateway to RFP’s and assignments increasing users’ exposure to new opportunities

Improve Productivity

  • Narrative1 provides a central application for the appraisal office to organize around, creating a repeatable process and saving significant time. Using customizable templates, one-click Excel and word merging, and powerful Auto-Text, users experience at least a 25-40% reduction in report production and job turnaround time.

Create efficiency with automated workflows

  • Narrative1 takes care of the appraisal details – you focus on running a smarter business. Users can get share and exchange comps, providing greater visibility and making comps exchanges easier than ever – no need to re-key data.

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