With Narrative1, commercial real estate appraisers can reduce narrative report development time by up to 40%.

Narrative1 is the commercial real estate appraisal industry’s most trusted report writing solution, enabling appraisers to eliminate repetition, focus on delivering high quality reports, and maximize earnings.

Many of the most successful firms rely on Narrative1 to automate time-consuming tasks associated with report development, allowing them to deliver a high-quality, appraisal product –that matches your firm’s unique brand and template– faster.

Smart features save time and ensure greater accuracy.

  • Single-click Excel/Word merge—build a narrative in seconds
  • Powerful auto text—store and access report components
  • Automatic location mapping— link directly to Google maps
  • Advanced discounted cashflow—advanced features for granular projection
  • Unit sales/subdivision analysis—turnkey analytics for proposed, new and existing projects
  • Land, commercial and multifamily templates—professional grade templates to use as-is or customize
  • User-configurable automatic calculations—No need to cross check simple math
  • Add, remove, or customize database fields— Narrative1 adapts to your needs

 Cloud Solutions to help you harness your data.

  • Store contact information in database—Enable access anytime, anywhere
  • Cloud-based, web accessed comps storage—Access from any Web browser
  • GIS comparables map search—polygon defined search area with specific geographic results
  • Upload and save subject data to database—Create a secure off -site data repository
  • Web-based Jobs Manager—Schedule, monitor and run analytics

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