EDR Lightbox®

Advanced Clarity, Faster Review, More Accurate Reports.

EDR Lightbox just keeps getting better. We’ve added more functionality to our fastest-ever growing product, allowing you to analyze vapor risks, move and adjust map findings, and improve the data powering your future reports.

The most trusted data and content.

Analyze your EDR Radius Map, Sanborn maps, historical aerials, topographic maps, and more in a single browser. Lightbox utilizes advanced tax-parcel georeferencing for fast, accurate review.

All the tools you need in one place.

Historical overlays, Google Street View, measuring tool, tax parcel data and more are all accessible within the application. EDR’s VECApp is now included with every order, so the tools you need are ready when you need them.

Greater control of your reports.

With the addition of FieldCheck™, you can adjust search results in your EDR Radius Map reports quickly and easily within Lightbox, improving report accuracy.

Why do 100% of Lightbox users recommend it to a colleague?

  • Lighbox users save time on every project, with an average reported time savings of 45 minutes per site.
  • Bring your research into focus with the clarity of tax parcel georeferencing and property boundaries applied to historical sources.
  • Use FieldCheck to adjust and improve search results by moving sites, removing unnecessary findings, and searching for and plotting unmapped sites.
  • Faster isn’t enough. More than two thirds of users say Lightbox also makes their review more accurate and complete.


Lightbox replaces the need to open and print dozens of PDFs and image files by compiling all the data and historical sources traditionally included in EDR products in a single browser experience. All EDR Packages and Radius Map orders include Lightbox.