EDR Lightbox®

Clearly Advanced Data Review

Change the way you view your environmental data and content. Dramatically enhanced, Lightbox now has more content, better tools and an improved interface. It’s never been easier to work with environmental information, allowing you to do your best work faster.

More Valuable content than ever before:

  • Georeferenced historical imagery
  • Tax parcel maps
  • Government records

Powerful functions to help you focus on records that matter most:

  • Streamlined lists with filters for distance, database and elevation
  • Flags to highlight or minimize records during review

Save Time Creating Custom Site Location Maps:

  • Draw on, outline, label, annotate and add arrows to your EDR reports
  • Transfer your drawings onto multiple report images to show property information on various years of coverage
  • Save drawings in pre-formatted layout

And so much more.

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Lightbox replaces the need to open and print dozens of PDFs and image files by compiling all the data and historical sources traditionally included in EDR products in a single browser experience. All EDR Packages and Radius Map orders include Lightbox.