Lease Comps Available in Collateral360

Having quick access to reliable, accurate and complete real estate information enhances the underwriting and management of your real estate assets, and gives you a competitive advantage.

EDR now offers CompStak’s industry-leading lease comps through the Collateral360® platform, providing you commercial real estate transaction details to help execute deals more efficiently.

CompStak’s lease comps are sourced from a prequalified network of commercial brokers, appraisers, and researchers active in each of the markets served. Utilizing artificial intelligence to scale the process, a team of real estate analysts and data scientists ensures each comparable is the most accurate and complete transaction record available.

Lease comps include the following property details:

With nationwide coverage on office, industrial, and retail properties, CompStak is the most reliable source for lease comparables. For more information on coverage area, download the brochure now.

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Use CompStak lease comps for:

VALUATION: Enhance appraisals with detailed lease information. Improve your income approach models with starting rents, lease terms, tenant improvement escalations, and rent escalations to best determine asset value.

ACQUISITIONS & DISPOSITIONS: Identify acquisition opportunities that can generate significant ROI. Manage each aspect of due diligence to make informed decisions regarding financing and eventual disposition.

UNDERWRITING: Make key income assumptions based on real market data. Search comps by location, size, starting and effective rent, transaction date, and floor number with complete deal information.

ASSET MANAGEMENT: Compare your competitors’ leasing performance against your own to determine leasing strategy. Understand asset pricing based on recent sales transactions.