Flood Certificates

Having access to the most current flood data is imperative in the world of commercial and residential lending. Collateral360 makes it easy to order, review and manage flood certificates. We have partnered with ServiceLink National Flood, a leader for over 25 years in flood certification services, giving you access to the industry’s most accurate and reliable flood data.

Enter property and loan data once. With a few mouse clicks you’re ordering flood certificates within the same system you use for your other property due diligence, for residential or commercial. Receive your flood results back in minutes for most properties, and within hours where manual investigation is required.

For flood certifications where the property falls within a FEMA flood zone, we provide ServiceLink’s CertMap, a full color aerial view of the property overlaid with the FEMA flood map, allowing you to visually identify a property’s proximity to a flood hazard zone.
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You also have the ability to monitor a property’s flood compliance over the life of the loan. You’re notified of any change in flood zone status affecting your collateral, safeguarding your portfolio from potential liability, and ensuring compliance with the Flood Insurance Reform Act of 1994.