Environmental Lien & AUL Search

Phase Is must consider activity and use limitations (AULs) that may not be available in government records searches, but are instead filed with other property records. To help you fulfill this requirement, we’ve created a nationwide network of researchers to locate and report on land title documents recorded at jurisdictional agencies, such as recorders’ offices, registries of deeds and county clerks.

Environmental Lien Searches can be purchased through EDR as a stand-alone service, and are also included in our Premium Package.

What does the EDR Environmental Lien & AUL Search include?

  • Environmental lien search results
  • Search results for other environmental encumbrances (AULs, ICs, ECs, etc.)
  • Abstracted deed information
  • Legal description of property
  • Copy of deed (when available)
  • Name and location of research source

Environmental Lien & AUL Searches date back to the issue date of the most recent deed to the present day. For a search of previous ownership history, please see our Chain of Title Search product.