EDR OnDemand

Read Less…Know More™

The EDR OnDemand™ subscription service gives you 24/7 access to 23 million environmental records from over 1,200 federal, state, local and tribal sources. Clearly presented, continuously updated data, interactive maps, and aerial photographs make it easy to acquire detailed information about environmental issues on your target and nearby properties.

Simply enter a location or company name, and instantly get the information you need. EDR OnDemand can help you:

  • Search for and locate environmental information online 24/7
  • View the most up-to-date environmental information available
  • Access EDR proprietary collections, such as historical gas stations and historical dry cleaners, as well as financial assurance records, activity and use limitations (AULs), Clandestine Drug Labs (CDLs) and air permits


A favorite tool of environmental attorneys, corporate risk managers, investors and environmental engineers alike, an EDR OnDemand subscription will allow you to:

  • Evaluate environmental risk for acquisitions and divestitures
  • Gather data in support of environmental audits and hazardous-waste (TSDF) audits
  • Verify the accuracy of publicly available environmental information
  • Identify environmental conditions to support financial reporting requirements
  • Retrieve environmental records associated with a property or company