EDR Basic Package

Access the data, content and workflow tools you need to conduct due diligence projects with speed and confidence. EDR provides the best records review in the industry along with comprehensive historical research options. EDR Lightbox makes property analysis and field data collection efficient, effective and fun.

The EDR Basic Package includes:

current Data

EDR Radius Map Report with:

  • The most trusted data in the industry
  • GeoCheck physical settings data
  • High Risk Historical Records
  • Recovered Government Archives

historical information

Certified Sanborn Maps
Your Choice of one other Historical Source


EDR Lightbox



The Basic Package provides just that, the basic information needed for ASTM E1528 Transaction Screens, RSRAs and other low-level due diligence. Like all of our packages, it can be experienced through Lightbox, which makes reviewing information and drawing site maps and figures faster and more effective.