Commercial Evaluations & Broker Price Opinions

Not all commercial real estate deals require a full appraisal when valuing collateral, and lenders can often save their borrowers time and money by leveraging other valuation products.

Collateral360 offers you faster, lower cost alternatives to traditional appraisals with Commercial Evaluation Reports and Broker Price Opinions (BPO). Commercial Evaluations and BPOs are compliant with the Interagency Appraisal Guidelines and are used under certain circumstances to value properties. With Collateral360 you have access to reports that offer both a sales comparison and income approach to value.

  • Commercial Evaluations by Clear Capital (value approach: sales & income)
  • Broker Price Opinions by Clear Capital (value approach: sales & listing)
  • Commercial Evaluations by First American (value approach: sales)
  • Commercial Evaluations by LCS, Inc.  (value approach: sales & income)

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