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Imagine one system that allows you to manage all your property due diligence from a single dashboard: from appraisal procurement, to environmental investigations, flood certificates, collateral site inspectionstax monitoring, lease comparables, and other services. That’s Collateral360®, a web-based application that is helping lenders better manage key processes, risk and compliance. As a compliance tool, Collateral360 allows lenders to build their policy into their workflow to ensure each loan is managed to credit and risk policy.

Collateral360 was developed to focus on four key areas:

  • Workflow – Realize operational efficiencies by connecting the core systems, processes and people associated with your property due diligence.
  • Compliance – Simplify compliance with regulators and bank policy through Collateral360’s Policy Infused Technology.
  • Risk Management – access property-centric information to better manage your collateral risk during origination and monitor over the life-of-loan.
  • Smart Data – expand your business intelligence by unlocking the power of your data to support sound lending and business decisions.


Our centralized platform makes it easy for commercial and residential real estate lenders to:

Manage Bank Policy
Build your bank’s policies into your workflow to ensure compliance.  

Manage Vendors
Manage, monitor, and measure the performance of your third-party vendors from a single dashboard.

Screen Properties for Environmental
Quickly identify any environmental issues on or around your subject property to give you an idea of potential risks.

Monitor properties
Life-of-loan monitoring for environmental risks and flood certification.

Through a single dashboard, you can easily procure services that are critical to your collateral due diligence, including:

Collateral360 has an API that makes connecting and data flow with front-end LOS systems or back-end servicing operations easy.

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