Appraisal Procurement, Management and Compliance

Whether you’re outsourcing appraisal procurement to an Appraisal Management Company or using excel spread sheets to manage the process, you can realize significant workflow efficiency and related compliance through the Collateral360.

You can manage your appraisal operations – everything from putting projects to bid, generating engagement letters, and tracking assignment status, to managing appraiser lists, monitoring licenses and E/O insurance, and measuring performance.


More efficient workflow!

Load your list of approved appraisers into Collateral360 and you’re ready to put assignments out to bid or directly task them. Permission-based functionality allows the ordering of appraisals by approved staff only, providing compliance with “arms’ length” regulations.

From one dashboard, view active projects put out to bid, issue and award new bids, and receive your finished appraisals back – all in one central location. Easily track, measure and report on appraiser performance. In the end you have a complete audit trail on each transaction, as well as a comprehensive process for measuring vendor performance making it easy to comply with regulatory requirements.