How PARCEL and Collateral360 Work Together to Support Commercial Real Estate Due Diligence end-to-end.

For 27 years EDR has been committed to providing the most trusted data and advanced technology to help our customers do their best work faster. As our industry continues to innovate and evolve, we are focusing efforts on supporting the entire commercial property ecosystem through an integrated platform – Collateral360® + PARCEL.

Collateral360PARCEL and C360

Since 2012, EDR has been working with commercial lenders to help improve their workflow for managing services like Phase I ESAs, appraisals, flood certificates and much more.

Some of the nation’s largest banks have recently chosen Collateral360 to support their commercial property underwriting, significantly benefiting not only these institutions but also the partners who serve them, including environmental professionals.


PARCEL helps environmental consultants and other property professionals with tools to respond to bids and accept work, manage projects, write, assemble and deliver reports to their clients and more. The platform supports any scope of work including Phase I ESAs, PCAs, appraisals, asbestos screens, RSRAs and much more.

For interactions with banks leveraging Collateral360, vendors respond to bids, track projects, and submit final deliverables to their participating bank clients through PARCEL simply and intuitively. Optionally, consultants who choose to use EDR data and PARCEL report writing for completing bank-driven projects experience the additional benefits of end-to-end efficiency and the delivery of consistent, quality reports.

PARCEL + Collateral360 = Quality & Value

Together, PARCEL and Collateral360 represent the most stable, secure and comprehensive property risk management platform, complying with strict InfoSec standards and supported by our world-class client services team.

We’re focused on building a more seamless, integrated platform that delivers more value to you and your clients. Do you have questions or want to be involved? Drop us a line