New for EDR Drawing Tools: Print Multiple Images at Once!

EDR recently launched an improvement to EDR Drawing Tools in both PARCEL and Lightbox that allows you to print multiple drawings at the same time.

What’s changing?

Instead of printing drawings one by one, you can select and print some or all of your drawings at once! You can choose to print drawings as one merged file, as separate files, or as one file per map type (i.e. one document containing Sanborn images and one containing aerial images.)

Along with this enhancement comes an improvement to how you edit the title block text when you are printing to a template PDF. Instead of editing text during the printing process, you will be able to make changes while creating the drawing. Simply click on the gear icon next to the drawing name in the list of drawings to open and edit drawing properties.

We hope you’ll find these improvements save you time and makes using EDR Drawing Tools even more convenient. If you have any questions, please let us know!