Making the Most of New Drawing Tools

Lightbox Drawing Tools have lots of cool features to offer! If you’ve likely mastered the basics, here is some additional instruction to help you use all the tools the application offers. Here are some tips and tricks to help you get the most out of the Lightbox Drawing Tools.

Apply your drawing to more than one source. Create your drawing once and place it on various sources or years of coverage. Just click “Add Drawings” and select a new background.


Upload your own images do the application. This feature allows you overlay photos and other images to your historical sources and maps, or simply mark up a photograph of your site with ease. The finished product can be exported to one of the existing layout templates and added to your report.


Export your drawing in a template. You can get your drawing ready to go into your report directly from Lightbox. Add project info in the “Text” tab, select a format in the”Layout” tab and then save your work locally as a PDF or image (JPG).


Do you have additional tips it tricks when using Lightbox Drawing Tools?