A Look Back at EDR Insight’s Most Popular Posts of 2014

The rocky market recovery. Vapor migration risk management. Business forecast. PCAs. SBA. New E 1527-13 adoption. These and more were the topics that got the most interest in 2014.

As we enter the first work week of the year, we compiled a list of our most popular publications, webinars and news of 2014.

1. Our Q&A with Former MBA Chairman Michael Berman

EDR Insight was honored to get some face time with one of the greatest minds in the financial world: Michael Berman who was—among many other things—the former Chairman of the Mortgage Bankers Association. In this candid interview, Berman shared his latest insight into the state of the challenging lending market (“liquidity is the strongest it’s been since 2006”) with some savvy advice for the consultants who serve them (“diversifying business lines to offer multiple services…”).


2.    Second Act of Market Recovery Takes A Bow

This article appeared in Scotsman Guide’s December 2014 edition, highlighting the hot spots for environmental due diligence activity and outlining the key factors driving opportunities for anyone whose business depends on a healthy commercial property market. What does the next phase of recovery mean to your business and what does our ScoreKeeper model say about your next business hot spots?


3.    Market Forecast: “Be Not Afraid”

You could almost hear an audible sigh of relief from attendees at our Annual Client Summit in Arizona when Ryan Severino, Senior Economist and Associate Director of Research at Reis, assured them during the State of the Market track to “be not afraid” about the rest of 2014. (Turns out he was right.)


4.    U.S. EPA Responds to Public Comments on June AAI Proposal

EPA’s response reinforced what EDR Insight’s survey data showed: the transition to the new standard was virtually complete at mid-year as EPA took steps to amend the AAI rule to remove the reference to the historical ASTM E 1527-05 standard.

5.    Are Drones a Game Changer for the Real Estate Industry?

Drones are the hottest technology trend of 2014, and environmental firms are already investing in fleets of drones to be ready if and when the FAA gives the green light. As one EP said, “The genie is out of the bottle…”



6.    APPRAISAL INSTITUTE: Best Practices Emerge in Accounting for Environmental Contamination in Appraisals

As noted by Bill Garber in our June webinar, “bank regulators are being very outspoken about the appraisal-environmental functions and how they relate to each other. The impact is being felt in the lending world, as more and more institutions merge responsibilities for these two important areas of risk management.

7.    Keeping Multifamily In Check: Fannie Mae’s New PNA Guidance

This article takes readers through the who, the what, and the why of Fannie Mae’s guidance for “physical needs assessments” or PNAs on multifamily properties, with valuable input from Fannie Mae’s own Tammy Romero and EMG PCA expert, Greg Bailey.

8.    Most Firms Considering Vapor Migration After EPA Publishes AAI Rule, Survey Finds

This article, written by Bloomberg BNA highlighted the results of EDR Insight’s survey on vapor migration risk, which “shows clearly that today most environmental professionals are looking at vapor migration risk –that clearly is the industry practice.”

9.    This Week’s Fed Lender Survey: Is the Glass Half Full or Half Empty?

The media latched onto headlines that the survey showed a broad-based uptick in loan demand and more relaxed lending standards in the second quarter after a slow start to the year. But our analysis of the raw results specific to commercial real estate lending showed otherwise.


10.    New Year, New SOP for SBA Lending

For many lenders—and the consultants who serve them, lending under SBA-guaranteed programs has been a bright spot during the past few years of market recovery. The year 2014 started out with optimistic stats, a new SOP and the agency’s response to E 1527-13.


We hope you enjoy this look back at 2014. Happy new year to all of our readers!

We look forward to delivering timely reporting and insightful views on the trends shaping the property due diligence industry in 2015.