Introducing the Sanborn Viewer!

We’re excited to announce the latest advancement to the Sanborn collection, the Sanborn Viewer!

Along with the normal email delivery, you now have access to a secure, web based application for viewing and working with the Sanborn imagery! This innovative tool incorporates state of the art mapping to allow you to create custom views, review multiple data sources at once, and more easily see how a property use has changed over time. You can flip through various years of coverage with just a click of a button, and can also switch and layer between street maps, current aerial photographs and Google Street View images.

This new tool eliminates all the time you spent in the past trying to figure out just where that old UST from 1902 was located on your target property, as you can overlay the 1902 Sanborn right on the current aerial photo. Also, we’ve included a powerful measuring tool to help determine how far away an actual point of release is from your target property boundary or building footprint in the current aerial photo.

Another great perk of the web-based interface is that it doesn’t rely on Adobe technology, so you don’t have to worry about version or display issues interfering with your Sanborn analysis.

How do you take advantage of these great new features? It is now included in EVERY new EDR Certified Sanborn Map Report at no extra charge! Just click on the link in your next report.

Below we have some visuals of the Sanborn Viewer at work and also encourage you to take it for a test drive, here. Let us know what you think in the comments section below!

Scan through various years of Sanborn Coverage.

Layer and switch between Sanborn maps, current aerial photography….


…and Google Street View.


Change the opacity of each layer to view multiple images simultaneously.


Measure distances with ease.