Introducing EDR’s Historical Topo Maps with QuadMatch™

Today we are excited to announce the introduction of QuadMatch™, an advanced mapping solution that intelligently presents USGS historical topographic quad maps, making review faster and easier.


  • Centers your target property and aligns adjoining georeferenced maps, so you can easily review the right information every time.
  • Unifies maps scales, so you can effortlessly follow changes over time.
  • Enables your detailed review of map features with high resolution imagery.
  • Streamlines your file management, with most reports delivered as one PDF.
  • Provides faster access to USGS Topos, including thousands only from EDR.

Check out this sample of a historical USGS topo enhanced with QuadMatch!

Topo Pictorial_v3 (6)

Beginning today, your EDR Historical Topo Map Reports will be enhanced with QuadMatch, providing you a more streamlined and thorough review of this important historical resource. EDR Historical Topo Map Reports are included in all EDR Standard and Premium Packages and may be selected in the EDR Basic Package or A la Carte.

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