NEW! EDR Tax Parcel Maps

Today we are excited to announce the introduction of tax parcel maps on EDR’s online ordering form, making your subject property research faster, easier and more accurate.

With EDR’s Tax Parcel maps:

  • Quickly and accurately research your subject and adjacent properties.*
  • Review important details such as Tax ID numbers, ownership and acreage.
  • Search for your property by Property ID (APN#) or address.
  • Easily define your property boundary by tax parcel, even for multiple tax lots.
  • Comply with ASTM E1527-13 and AAI for property boundary search distances.

In the coming months, tax parcel maps will be added to EDR Lightbox®, allowing you to overlay property boundaries on the results of your Radius Map and historical sources.

Log in and try it for yourself on the online order form!

Review Tax ID #, owner, use and acreage and select your property boundarytax maps boundary 2

Add adjoining tax parcels (if needed)Tax Map 3 add



Edit your property boundary (if needed)Draw BoundariesTax Map Image 2



Search by property address or Property ID (#APN)APN3


*Coverage is available for 95% of subject properties locations. For more information on when tax parcel maps are available, please contact your EDR representative.