The Commercial Real Estate Industry Is Transitioning to the New ASTM Phase 1 ESA Standard—but It’s Not There Yet
THE COMMERCIAL REAL ESTATE INDUSTRY IS TRANSITIONING TO THE NEW ASTM PHASE 1 ESA STANDARD—BUT IT’S NOT THERE YET A LightBox survey found the new standard is being used by almost a quarter of respondents, and others are preparing for change. Lenders are likely to drive adoption, which should increase with EPA recognition of the standard Survey respondents are training their internal teams and adjusting processes and report templates in preparation for the shift Last year, the American Society for… READ MORE >
4 Reasons to Use EDR LightBox’s Expansive Library of Historical Aerial Photos
Historical aerial photographs are useful when identifying differences and changes of a property over time. Environmental professionals can glean a lot of valuable information from these photos, such as past property uses, locations READ MORE >
  |   02.03.2021
LightBox Enhances Industry Leading Location Intelligence Datasets with BuildingFootprintUSA™ Acquisition 
LightBox announced today that it has acquired the leading premier provider of building and structure boundaries for location analytics, BuildingFootprintUSA™, immediately making building footprints data available to all of its customers.  Now READ MORE >
  |   02.01.2021
Top Take-Aways from Our ASTM E 1527 Webinar
EDR LightBox hosted a webinar in early December about the proposed changes to the ASTM E 1527-13 standard. Titled A Preview of Potential Revisions to the ASTM E 1527 Standard for Phase I READ MORE >
  |   12.22.2020
The Evolution of Environmental Due Diligence with Alan Agadoni
In a new interview with Alan Agadoni, the new General Manager of EDR LightBox, he answers a few questions about how the environmental due diligence industry has changed throughout the years. Drawing on READ MORE >
  |   11.20.2020
Enhanced City Directory Data for Colorado
EDR LightBox is excited to announce significant improvements to the city directory coverage available for clients working on projects in Colorado.  Environmental professionals rely on city directory data as a standard source when READ MORE >
  |   10.30.2020
A Look at How COVID-19 is Impacting the Commercial Real Estate Industry
How did the commercial real estate industry react after the COVID-19 pandemic hit in early spring, and where are we now? Dianne Crocker, principal analyst at LightBox, answers those questions and more in READ MORE >
  |   07.06.2020
Here’s What You Need to Know About the New ASTM E 1527 Standard
A new version of the 2013 ASTM E 1527 standard is expected to be published in 2021, and there are some critical points to know so you can stay on top of the READ MORE >
  |   06.16.2020
PRISM Keynote Webinar: Q&A with Moody’s Economist Victor Calanog
On May 6, LightBox hosted its virtual PRISM market keynote, “Thinking Through What Comes Next: COVID-19, the Economy, and What’s Next for U.S. Commercial Real Estate.” Our keynote speaker, Dr. Victor Calanog, chief READ MORE >
  |   06.09.2020