Industry Insider Speaks Out on Growth/Opportunities in Market Recovery

The Executive Review 2016 edition of EBJ, published by Environmental Business International, included a Q&A with Holly Neber, President of AEI Consultants. EDR Insight is grateful for permission from EBI to post a reprint of Neber’s interview, titled AEI Consultants Maintains 15% Growth Rate.  A few highlights:

Neber profile

On signs of recovery

“We’ve observed more transactions coupled with a large increase in new construction and development.”

On growth opportunities

“We see a lot of opportunity in our energy efficiency services division. In the United States this market has been growing. In terms of client type, we anticipate
continued growth in industrial properties, especially warehouses associated with logistics and retail, and emerging forms of medical office and assisted living facilities as demographics change in the U.S.”

On the forecast

“We expect to see continued growth with some leveling off as commercial real estate activity may be hitting a plateau, at least in some metros.”

Click the link below for more of Neber’s insights on:

  • The main thrust of the company’s strategy
  • Impact of the downturn on risk management
  • Growth markets
  • Near-term forecast


Read the full interview with Holly Neber, titled AEI Consultants Maintains 15% Growth Rate.


This reprint was excerpted from a longer article published in the Executive Review 2016 edition of EBJ and reprinted with permission from Environmental Business International Inc. All rights reserved.