Improved High-Risk Historical Records help identify RECs and vapor risks that could be hiding.

EDR recently made improvements to the High-Risk Historical Records database, making it more accurate and complete. HRHR helps identify the riskiest historical property uses: gas stations, dry cleaners and manufactured gas plants (MGPs).

HRHR image1

Many of these sites operated before government databases were established, and could
be missed in other records searches. This important data comes from scanned business
directories and databases, and is only available from EDR.

The Improved High-Risk Historical Records database provides:

  • Information for target property and adjoining sites (1/8 mile) to focus on the area most critical to identifying RECs.
  • Highly-accurate SIC codes provided for many records.
  • Enhanced search quality with EDR’s Tax Parcel Georeferencing.
  • An improved format that links multiple years of coverage for the same address.
  • Nationwide coverage from 1970 to present with some coverage to 1930.
  • More targeted and concise results, providing the data you need to do your best work, faster.

HRHR data is included in EDR records search products such as EDR Radius Map and Lightbox.