Exciting Improvements to VEC App & Lightbox

Lightbox and VEC App are now integrated! Starting today, you can review government records and historical content, and  access the vapor screen tools in a single browser window. The integration will create a faster, more seamless workflow for you and your team.

EDR VEC App is included, at no additional charge, with your Premium and Standard Packages. For an additional fee, you can add the VEC App to Basic Package or Radius Map Report orders

Access VEC App through the Tools menu in Lightbox. You can find the link to Lightbox in your delivery email, the EDR Radius Map report, the Order Status Page, and PARCEL

This update also includes new features in Lightbox.

  • Groundwater Flow Tool: Assign groundwater quadrants to your map
  • Excel Export: Export Map Findings and filtered records to Excel

Check out all the updates on your next project or watch our recent webinar for a preview.

Have you tried these new features? Let us know what you think in the EDR Connect Community.