EDR Unveils Project360 at EBA Conference

EDR today announced a new workflow platform at the Environmental Bankers Association (EBA) conference in Newport Beach, California. Named Project360™, this new solution enables risk assessors and evaluators to access the industry’s most comprehensive data, advanced workflow and analytics tools, insights, and more from a single, unified platform.

Environmental consultants, building engineers, appraisers, and other property due diligence professionals will find improved access control and the ability to more quickly analyze complex data sets when working in Project360, compared to traditional methods which require multiple sources and systems.

Project360 not only provides security and efficiency for firms conducting risk evaluations, but also complements the workflow in Collateral360®, EDR’s solution for lending institutions and other property investors. Collateral360 allows lenders to improve management and review of services like Phase I ESAs, appraisals, flood certificates and many other property assessment scopes.

According to Dean Graves, president and COO of EDR, “When the workflows of risk assessors and risk takers mirror each other, value is added to the process in the form of speed, cost savings, more accurate findings, and better decisions.”

Collateral360 is on pace to manage about $1.2 trillion in real estate assets in 2018 following the recent onboarding of many of the U.S.’s largest lending institutions to support their commercial property underwriting.

“Together, Project360 and Collateral360 represent the most secure, stable and comprehensive property risk management platform,” noted EDR CEO, Chris Aronson. “The seamless, integrated platform enables our clients to do their best work faster while complying with strict information security standards, making everyone more secure and efficient.”

Project360 will be launched industry-wide in spring of 2018. Interested risk assessment firms can register for eligibility for early access at edrnet.com/project360.