EDR Partners with Cole to Improve City Directory Super Library

EDR is pleased to announce an agreement with Omaha-based Cole Information Services to provide historical property use information to environmental consultants, lenders, and other stakeholders conducting environmental due diligence for property transactions.

Cole has published books on property occupants since 1947 and environmental professionals may consult these books when researching historical property use for Phase I environmental site assessments.

“Cole data is a valuable source of historical property use information, and while Cole city directories are available in numerous libraries throughout the United States, we are pleased to further our partnership to build upon EDR’s Super Library,” said Dan Gottlieb, COO at EDR. “This agreement will allow the EDR team to continuously provide innovations to Cole information and meet evolving customer needs.”

EDR’s Super Library brings together multiple sources of city directory information from 70+ publishers including Haines, Stewart, Bresser’s Information Services, and Polk, along with EDR’s extensive in-house collection and mobile research team, which collects property data at key libraries across the U.S. Leveraging EDR’s Super Library, and the resulting EDR City Directory Report, can save customers time and improves the quality of their due diligence research. Scanned imagery from Cole books is included in EDR’s City Directory Report, where available.

“By partnering with Cole, EDR will be able to further enhance the quality of historical property use information to real estate assessors and stakeholders, a goal that has been core to EDR’s mission for over 25 years,” said EDR CEO Chris Aronson.

According to Cole’s President Jim Eggleston, “EDR has a proven track record for applying vision and resources to enhance data and offer new products to the market. I look forward to seeing the advancements they make to the information provided by our firm.”

You can find out more information on EDR’s City Directory Super Library here.