EDR Insight Property Contamination Tracker: SEPTEMBER 2013

SEPTEMBER  Property Contamination Tracker

EDR, the innovator of the world’s largest and most accurate database of environmental and historical land use records, released its September 2013 Property Contamination Tracker.

EDR Insight regularly tracks news stories about past contamination impacting commercial and residential properties in the United States. Below, organized by state, is a table of the top 20 stories published in the past month. Each one involves historical property use(s) (e.g., gas station, dry cleaner, manufacturing plant, landfill, etc.) that resulted in contamination impacting a target or surrounding properties (e.g., single-family homes, multifamily properties, office buildings, strip malls, etc.).

1 AR Spill Victims Left to Fend for Themselves Single-family Petroleum Oil pipeline
2 AR Whirlpool Plant Manager Part of Contamination Lawsuit Residential neighborhood, plant TCE Manufacturing plant
3 CA Contaminated Site Could See Homes in 2014 Residential Development PCBs Agriculture/livestock
4 IN EPA Suspects Chemical Vapors in Homes Residential neighborhood Vapor intrusion, lead, VOCs Plating factory
5 KY Residents Around Chemical Site to be Tested
Single-family Arsenic, lead, benzo(a)pyrene Pesticide manufacturing
6 MA Developer Unveils Plan for Old Mill Mixed use development Not specified Former mill
7 MA Army Mulling Groundwater Cleanup at Cape Cod Single-family Perc Military base
8 MI Small Town in Michigan Faces TCE Contamination Residential TCE Multiple Industrial Operations
9 NJ Smoke from Contaminated Waste at Former Chemical Site
Commercial VOCs, metals Chemical/pharmaceutical plant
10 NC Jury Awards Developers Damages in Pollution Case Condo development TCE Manufacturing plant
11 NC Contamination Complaint Scores Legal Victory Single-family TCE Former electroplating plant
12 NM Union Wants to Buildings Tested for Contaminated Vapors
Office Petroleum Not specified
13 NY Dry Cleaning Site to be Demolished Residential neighborhood Dry cleaning chemicals Dry cleaner
14 NY Bittersweet Deal in Fight Over Toxic Site Residential neighborhood Not specified Landfill
15 NY Residents Want Answers Single-family Not specified Industrial Uses
16 NY Superfund Project Targets Tainted Mud Public waterway PCBs Multiple Industrial Operations
17 PA Ground Contamination In Local Neighborhood Single-family Petroleum Heating Oil Supplier
18 PA Mountaintop Contamination Cleanup Complete Commercial, agricultural land Not specified Gas Station
19 WA Second Phase Proposed for Boeing Cleanup Commercial TCE Aircraft mfg
20 WI Crews Investigate Dry Cleaning Contamination
N/A Perc Dry cleaner