EDR Celebrates 25 Years!

Dear Clients and Friends,

This July marks an exciting time for us here at EDR as we celebrate 25 years in business. While we acknowledge this milestone as a company, we also want to thank you, our clients and partners, for being with us along the journey.

Upon opening our doors in 1990, we served zip code-based reports that we mailed or sent via Federal Express to you. Today, we are able to provide you with real time data through workflow solutions that we couldn’t have even imagined would have existed back then. While we were likely unaware of it at the time, also in 1990 the first web page was being written for the Internet. With technology, so much has changed; the way the world interacts, the way we all perform our daily work, and our industry as a whole. One thing that remains the same, and always will, is our commitment to serving you with your property due diligence needs in the best and most efficient way possible.

We thank you for your support, wish you future success, and are excited to see what the next 25 years bring!

The EDR Team