EDR at Camp Rising Sun

If you’re looking for the most magical place on earth, you’ll find it at Camp Rising Sun. A free camp for Connecticut and Massachusetts children with various stages of cancer, it is a place where the kids can enjoy all that camp has to offer: rock climbing, fishing, kayaking, arts & crafts, and more. Those are the activities. What makes this camp so special are the things that the kids don’t have to do, like explain scars, a limp, or maybe all of the medications they have to take. Here, they can come to camp and just be kids.

There are times in your life when something wonderful occurs, and you easily share your news. Then, there are those few events that are so profound and touch you so deeply that any words you consider to describe them seem inadequate. Team EDR experienced one of those events this past week, which happened to be the 30th Anniversary of Camp Rising Sun. Four of us were lucky enough to spend an entire week with 115 amazing kids, along with their counselors, staff and volunteers. An additional 30 EDR teammates put on an amazing themed dance party for the kids on the last night.

We learned so much from these courageous children as they generously shared their joy. Smiles were abundant, hugs plentiful and an endless supply of compassion everywhere you turned. What began as an effort by EDR to help some awesome kids turned out to be a week of memories that have forever changed us. We are honored and touched to continually contribute and participate in Camp Rising Sun.

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