Current Topo Maps Updated in EDR Reports & Workflow Tools

St Louis Topo Tumb

EDR has updated the Current Topographic Map included in your Radius Map Reports, Drawing Tools, Lightbox, and VEC App. These maps were created by the United States Geological Survey (USGS) between 2010 and 2015. They replace the previous “current maps”, many of which are 20 or more years old.


Here is what you can expect:

  • Current USGS Topographic Maps published between 2010 and 2015 for the US.
  • Maps will be provided by EDR as a seamless mosaic that you can use to create your site maps and figures.
  • High resolution imagery, reducing pixelization and providing you with greater clarity and improved appearance.
  • Current topos will contain essential elements like topographic contour lines, roads, water bodies, and points of interest.
  • The map elements may vary slightly from what you have grown accustomed to seeing. The USGS elected to omit a few features from the current topographic maps that are included on the historical maps. These include power lines, urban designations, building footprints, and some points of interest (like parks and campsites). The USGS has eliminated these features due to the time constraints involved in manually verifying multiple data sources to ensure accuracy. Note: EDR has minimized the loss of powerline and pipeline features by adding third-party data to the EDR Radius Map, NEPACheck and Area/Corridor Study reports
  • The USGS topo maps previously provided in EDR Radius Map Reports, Lightbox, Draw Tools, and VEC App are now considered historical and are available in the Historical Topographic Map Report.

Consultants have long relied upon USGS current topographic maps to fulfill ASTM E1527’s requirement to review “Physical Setting Sources” (Section 8.2.4). Current topographic maps are essential in evaluating geologic, hydrogeologic, hydrologic, and topographic characteristics of a property. In addition, many firms use the most up-to–date current topographic map to draw their site plan for inclusion in the Phase I report.

The USGS update comes as a welcome improvement to environmental consultants. Many of the previous “current” maps were two or three decades old and did not adequately reflect current condition in the physical setting around the property. Features like highways, road names, urban area boundaries and building footprints were frequently inaccurate due to changes in development during interim years.

EDR is pleased to offer these current topographic maps in our flagship products to help you access the most current and accurate data quickly and effectively. To learn how to get the most from this update in the EDR Radius Map, Lightbox and Drawing Tools check out this post.

St Louis Topo Zoomed

Example of a 2012 USGS Topographic Map for St. Louis, MO