Collateral360 for Corporate Site Selection

Whether it be for choosing retail site locations, warehouse distribution facilities or candidate sites for cell locations, corporations are accelerating their site selection process, realizing operational efficiencies and streamlining their internal decision making with Collateral360.

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Discover how other corporations are streamlining their site selection process. Completing preliminary due diligence early in the site selection process has helped our clients make informed decisions on sites with environmental issues, better budget for environmental and engineering costs on projects, and improve their internal workflow and communication by centralizing storage of documents and communication in a collaborative workspace.

Collateral360 allows you to improve workflow efficiency, manage risk, complete preliminary property due diligence, procure professional services, and access data to make critical site selection decisions–all within one secure, web-based platform:

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Improve Workflow Efficiency

Realize operational efficiencies by connecting the core systems, processes and people associated with your property due diligence lifecycle.

  • Streamline tasks across departments to increase collaboration, workflow and visibility
  • Centralize storage of documents and all related site information
  • Notification alerts keep the project moving forward
  • Standardize and automate process to maximize efficiencies

Risk Management

Screening sites during the earliest stages of site selection provides the necessary information to understand risk in order to make informed business decisions.

  • Identify potential environmental hazards that could impact the project success
  • Easily access property specific data from a variety of sources to assist in decision making.
  • Accurately forecast budgets by addressing any environmental issues
  • Review and score sites based on your internal guidelines

Preliminary Environmental Due Diligence for Site Selection

Access the largest database of environmental records in the country, including current and historic gas stations and dry cleaners, leaking underground tanks, and hazardous waste sites, and instantly search for known environmental concerns associated with a property. Collateral360 provides a tiered approach for screening properties for environmental.Identify potential environmental hazards that could impact the project success

    • Environmental Pre-Screen—Instantly identify any environmental concerns and plot their location in relation to the property
    • Environmental Risk Rating—Identify a site’s risk as being “low” or “elevated” using our algorithm-based opinion generator, or configure to match your company’s internal guidelines
    • Environmental Review Memo—Configure your internal questionnaire and score sites within the platform
    • Procure Additional Environmental Due Diligence—Order reports from your list of approved consultants using the platform’s procurement features
    • Environmental Monitoring—Quarterly notifications will alert you when there are changes in environmental conditions at a site
Realize operational efficiencies by connecting the core systems, processes and people associated with your property due diligence and site selection. complianceCollateral360’s Policy Infused Technology lets you build your internal process into a policy that can direct your team each step of the way.
DataExpand your business intelligence by unlocking the power of your data to support site selection and business decisions. RMAccess property centric information to better manage risk at the earliest stages of your due diligence.

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