When You Can Use a Commercial Evaluation

Note: The threshold for Commercial Evaluations was increased in early 2018. For an update go here. 

Evaluations are used as an alternative to a full appraisal and are used for loan origination, refinances, renewals, portfolio management, risk management and REO. They are generally used in the following situations:

The loan amount is equal to or less than $250,000.
A business loan with a loan amount that is equal to or less than the business loan threshold of $1MM and is not dependent on the sale of or rental income in order to repay the loan.
For an extension of an existing line of credit provided that:
1.) there has been no material change in the subjects market area or the physical aspect of the property,
2.) there is no advancement of new monies.
Commercial Evaluations are used for nearly all commercial property types. Property types include:


Commercial Evaluations are now offered through the Lender Portal. Contact your EDR representative for more information, including pricing.