5 Reasons to Submit a PRISM Awards Nomination

Ever had your name called in a roomful of other professionals because someone nominated you for the honor of receiving an industry award of recognition?

Few have. For many, it’s a once-in-a-career honor.

If we’re lucky, we enjoy our jobs, are passionate about what we do, work with colleagues who share that passion, and work for managers who inspire us, teach us and earn our respect. If we’re even luckier, we work with a stand-out who deserves to be recognized when nine awards are announced at the 3rd Annual PRISM Awards reception on May 9th at the Montelucia resort in Scottsdale.

Watching professionals in our industry honored with a PRISM trophy is one of my favorite nights of the year. It’s truly inspiring to watch leaders honored by their peers for groundbreaking work.

In 2016, Julie Kilgore was inducted into the inaugural PRISM Hall of Fame because colleagues thought she deserved to be recognized. From her perspective, the award was totally unexpected. When she came to the stage to receive her PRISM trophy for a career dedicated to the Phase I ESA practice, I know I wasn’t the only one with tears in my eyes.

“To be the first Industry Hall of Famer was deeply personal.  I’ve been so fortunate to have the opportunity and support to serve our industry in the capacity that I have.  It was so gratifying, and so touching, to be honored by those who represent the very core industry groups that I’ve tried to nudge, nurture, and diligently represent.” ~ Julie Kilgore, 1st inductee into the PRISM Hall of Fame

Mike Kulka, founder and CEO of PM Environmental, took home the first Courage in Leadership award and is still emotional about it:

“This is not just an award or ceremony. This is akin to winning an Olympic Gold or accepting your Oscar.  This is the competition among the top performers in our profession for hard work and professionalism.  Whether it is your colleague, your firm, your brand or your project, these awards mean more than words can say.” ~Mike Kulka, 1st Courage in Leadership PRISM Award Winner

Last year’s Industry Influencer award went to BB&T’s John Rybak for years of educating other professionals, and it caused him to reflect on how the next chapter of his career will take shape:

“Being awarded the Industry Influencer at last year’s Prism event was a tremendous honor.  Immediately it caused me to reflect to the past at all that I have done, to think about programs I’ve developed or people that I’ve touched as my career advanced.  This walk down memory lane was a blessing. But the biggest influence has been ‘on me’—not from me.  Honestly, it has caused me to be more intentional towards the future.  I’ve enjoyed a career of almost three decades in the Environmental Risk industry, and with about one decade left, how to I want to further influence those around me?  If I have unintentionally been an influence in the past, how much more can I do intentionally?  I think what can I do today, that will positively impact tomorrow.  Who can I call? how can I educate? what can I say or how can I encourage someone?  I think we should all live our lives in such a way that we stop focusing on ourselves, and focus on using our passion to influence the next generation to fill our shoes.” John Thomas Rybak, 2017 Industry Influencer Award recipient

We all know colleagues like Julie, Mike and John. The inspirational leaders. The ones we admire. The ones we seek out for advice. The ones we aspire to.

Why should you nominate someone for a 2018 PRISM Award?

  1. Visibility: Awards elevate the status of your company and advance your visibility.
  2. Credibility: Awards act as a source of credibility so media contacts and other professionals will come to respect you or your firm as a top-tier brand and expert.
  3. Competitive Edge: An award makes your company shine and sets it apart from the competition.
  4. Recognition: Professional recognition from an outside industry source is like a “seal of approval” for prospective clients.
  5. Morale Booster: There’s nothing like winning an award to boost mojo in the office. And it’s good for attracting top talent. Everyone loves working for a winner!

Do you have a great leader who makes your firm an exciting place to work? Does your office have a promising young professional who’s been knocking it out of the park? Who has been the most instrumental in shaping your career? Who deserves a 2018 PRISM Award?

First, take a minute to watch this video. Then, submit a PRISM Award nomination to get someone the recognition he or she deserves! 

About the PRISM Awards

The PRISM Awards honor individuals, firms and institutions with demonstrated excellence in specific areas. They are recognized as the benchmark for excellence in the property due diligence and commercial lending industries. The categories recognize creativity, innovation, service and achievement in the areas of leadership, technology, environmental stewardship, community service and influence.

Nominations close on Friday March 16, 2018 and will be judged by the Zweig Group. Winners will be announced at the annual PRISM Awards Dinner to be held at the Omni Scottsdale Resort at Montelucia on the evening of Wednesday May 9th, 2018.

To Submit a Nomination:

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