4 Reasons to Use EDR LightBox’s Expansive Library of Historical Aerial Photos

Historical aerial photographs are useful when identifying differences and changes of a property over time. Environmental professionals can glean a lot of valuable information from these photos, such as past property uses, locations of old buildings and roads, past-conditions of vegetation, and other features that could be key indicators of contamination or operations that create contamination. Ultimately, environmental professionals can recognize environmental conditions that would impact their reports. With EDR LightBox’s Historical Aerial package, ASTM E1527-13 requirements can be met, and even exceeded, when environmental professionals include them in their final reports.

EDR LightBox’s extensive library of acquired, historical aerials is digitized and can be viewed easily. Our library has distinct advantages, such as:

  • Intuitive: EDR LightBox’s historical aerial library is easy to use. Photos can be viewed in traditional PDF format or through EDR LightBox Data Viewer when purchased with an EDR Package or Radius Map.
  • Time-saving: We simplify the process of gathering photos from disparate sources and usually deliver photos within two business days.
  • Expansive: Our boasts extensive coverage with updates made regularly.
  • Customizable: When environmental professionals need special coverage, EDR LightBox can accommodate by providing custom solutions.

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