Webinar Q & A: Revisions to ASTM E 1527-13 – Are You Prepared?

Posted by Anthony J. Buonicore

On Tuesday, April 23, 2013, EDR Insight hosted a webinar titled Revisions to the ASTM E 1527 Standard: Are You Ready?. Anthony J. Buonicore, CEO of The Buonicore Group presented in detail his summary of the final revisions to the ASTM Phase I ESA standard, the rationale behind these changes and valuable tips on how environmental professionals and risk managers at financial institutions can deal with these changes in their own practice.

More than 600 environmental consultants, risk managers, attorneys and other professionals tuned in from locations as far away as Chile and India, and the flood of questions that came in provide a first-hand look into what the market is most concerned about as it collectively waits for the sixth version of E 1527 to be published. The flood of questions that came in exceeded the time available to answer them so Anthony graciously offered to provide his answers to the ones that were not addressed during our event here.

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Click below to watch a replay of the webinar.