To Sell on Value, Master the P.R.O.C.E.S.S

To some environmental professionals, the thought of selling has negative connotations. Thinking of themselves as salespeople may conjure up unsavory images like slick TV ads that use corny slogans or gadgets to sell everything from cars to furniture to legal services. Yet, many environmental professionals have a business development role at their company. They may not wear the “business development hat” eight hours a day, but they are nonetheless tasked with bringing new business in the door. In a service organization, any one person can cost the company a project, so in essence, every employee is in sales and responsible for maintaining strong client relationships. Likewise, any interaction with a client can be a business development opportunity.

In today’s market, finding new opportunities and winning new projects are not easy feats. Competition in the Phase I environmental site assessment industry is intense—and the market pressures of recent years have only intensified. When EDR Insight surveyed environmental professionals across the country and asked them to name their top three business challenges, the results reflected the widespread concerns about pricing wars, perceived commoditization, pressure to keep costs down in a tough economy and helping clients understand the value proposition.

To help environmental professionals tackle these challenges head on, EDR’s Don Grauer hosted a web event on June 26th with a nationally-known sales expert at Zig Ziglar, Bryan Flanagan. For those of you who missed it, EDR Insight is pleased to provide the following summary of Bryan’s three key points.

To view the three key points, click here.