LoanCheck® Plus

The EDR LoanCheck® Plus report provides the best option for fulfilling SBA’s requirement for an environmental “Record Search With Risk Assessment” level of due diligence.

Easy to order and understand, LoanCheck® Plus is backed by EDR’s dedicated customer support professionals who understand the SBA process and can answer your questions about environmental risk information.

LoanCheck Plus includes a search of the same environmental databases that would be searched during a Phase I environmental site investigation. Historical records are searched to shed light on prior uses of the site. Based on all of the results of these searches, a risk rating must then be applied to the property by an environmental professional.

LoanCheck Plus meets SBA’s SOP 10 50 5 (I) requirements which is documented in a flowchart here.


While LoanCheck Plus is designed to meet the Small Business Administration’s Record Search with Risk Assessment environmental due diligence requirements, many lenders also use it for screening properties on non-SBA loans up to $1 million. It is the most commonly used risk management tool for loans that do not require a full Phase I report.