Area and Corridor Studies

When your target property is large or irregularly shaped, an EDR DataMap™ Area or Corridor Study can provides the right coverage for your project.

These customized searches provide the same trusted government records and proprietary sources included in traditional EDR Radius Map reports.

For very large sites, the EDR Radius Atlas Report allows a map of the entire site to be supplemented with individual maps for each square-mile block. Report details are provided for each square-mile area.

We understand that large projects have unique needs. For that reason, we provide additional options to customize your Area and Corridor Studies. On any project we can also provide:

  • User-specified search distances (choose ASTM standard search distances or customize search distances to meet your project needs)
  • Historical aerials, city directories and historical topographic maps for your area
  • Well data (USGS and state water wells) and public water supplies
  • 5 hardcopy map sizes (from page-size to wall-size) to facilitate presentations
  • Database file (DBF) integration with your GIS system

Your EDR representative can help you with these and other customizations.


Professionals depend on EDR’s Area and Corridor Studies for projects like redevelopment work, installation of fiber optic lines, road extensions, investigations on rail lines, forestland projects, rural properties and other large-scale projects.


Sample Reports

EDR Area/Corridor Government Records Sample
EDR Area/Corridor Map Sample
EDR Atlas Report Sample
EDR Atlas Map Report Sample