Lightbox Drawing Tools Basics

Lightbox not only allows you to experience your EDR data and content in a whole new way, but also gives you tools to create professional site maps and figures without leaving the application. Drawing tools in Lightbox replace the need for GIS software, photo editing programs and a word processor. Here’s how.

Launch Drawing Tools from the Lightbox Viewer. A new window will open displaying your target property and the main controls.


Draw Sitemaps. You can add multiple shapes, arrows or custom polygons. Drawing tools also provide symbols and text tools. Choose between current or historical background maps (or no background map). Include the combination of shapes, images and text that tells your story. Lightbox will automatically save your work as you go.


Define the print area and export your work. The print area, displayed within the orange dashed rectangle, allows you to select the portion of your drawing that you want to export. Hit the export button to save your work to your computer as a PDF or image (JPG). More on that here.


Looking for a more advanced tutorial on Drawing Tools? Follow this link.