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Chief Commercial Officer
Senior Vice President, Finance
Vice President, Human Resources
Vice President, National Accounts Group
Managing Director, Consulting and Engineering Market
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Managing Director, Lender Solutions
Managing Director, Corporate, Legal, Gov't & Insurance
Patrick Coyne
Vice President, National Accounts Group

Pat is responsible for managing multiple simultaneous sales processes, using his extensive knowledge of EDR’s products, services, internal workflows, and network of subject matter experts to assemble a complete technical solution for clients.

Pat has been with EDR for over 17 years holding various positions including vice president of marketing and vice president of consulting and engineering products, where he led several significant and successful product launches. Pat has translated thousands of face to face meetings with clients into products and workflow that bring value to EDR’s clients.

Pat holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Environmental Science from Allegheny College and an MBA from Fairfield University. Before joining EDR, Pat developed and deployed new landfill leachate technology processes for Waste Management, Inc.