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Senior Vice President, Finance
Vice President, Human Resources
Vice President, National Accounts Group
Managing Director, Consulting and Engineering Market
Managing Director, Product Management
Managing Director, Lender Solutions
Managing Director, Corporate, Legal, Gov't & Insurance
Guy Tassinari
Managing Director, Product Management

As Managing Director of product management, Guy is responsible for developing and executing the market strategy and product management direction of all EDR’s products and services geared towards creating value for our customers.

Prior to joining EDR in 2007, Guy was the President & CEO of iTAG-PARCEL, LLC, the company that developed the PARCEL Platform.  Guy has worked in various positions surrounding strategy and direction of EDR products, including the Managing Director of Lender Solutions and the creation of Collateral360.

Guy graduated from Northeastern University with a bachelor of science degree in Chemical Engineering.  He likes to have fun, play sports, games and enjoy the occasional beer.  He lives in North Reading, Massachusetts with his wife and two daughters.