Improved High-Risk Historical Records help identify RECs and vapor risks that could be hiding.
EDR recently made improvements to the High-Risk Historical Records database, making it more accurate and complete. HRHR helps identify the riskiest historical property uses: gas stations, dry cleaners and manufactured gas plants (MGPs). Many of these sites operated before government databases were established, and could
be missed in other records searches. This important data comes from scanned business
directories and databases, and is only available from EDR. The Improved High-Risk Historical Records database provides: Information for target property and adjoining… READ MORE >
Protecting Collateral From Tax Liens
Delinquent property taxes can be a form of loan default, jeopardizing a lender’s lien position and putting collateral at risk. Complicating matters is the fact that monitoring property taxes is no simple task.… READ MORE >
  |   10.10.2016
Quickly and Accurately Locate Your Target Property
Now, the boundary you select during the ordering process will outline your target property on aerial photos, Sanborn Maps®, and Topographic Maps.
  • Quickly identify your subject property and easily track changes over time.
  |   06.14.2016
Do Your Best Work Faster
For over 25 years, EDR’s goal has been to offer tools and reports that make your work more efficient, effective and enjoyable. Today, we are thrilled to announce the most exciting advancements to… READ MORE >
  |   04.28.2016
EDR Updates Reports in Response to EPA Database Changes
Last summer, we told you about EPA’s plans to make changes to the way it stores data as part of the Superfund program. Specifically, EPA announced that it would be retiring CERCLIS, the… READ MORE >
  |   03.21.2016
New OCC Survey Shows Underwriting Eased for 3rd Consecutive Year
At this fall’s annual conference of the Risk Management Association in Boston, I heard Thomas Curry, head of the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency express his growing concern about higher concentrations… READ MORE >
  |   12.17.2015
NEW! EDR Tax Parcel Maps
Today we are excited to announce the introduction of tax parcel maps on EDR’s online ordering form, making your subject property research faster, easier and more accurate. With EDR’s Tax Parcel maps:
  • Quickly
  |   11.09.2015
Introducing EDR’s Historical Topo Maps with QuadMatch™
Today we are excited to announce the introduction of QuadMatch™, an advanced mapping solution that intelligently presents USGS historical topographic quad maps, making review faster and easier. QuadMatch:
  • Centers your target property and
  |   11.02.2015
Collateral360 - Real Estate from Every Angle
Earlier this week we launched Collateral360, the next evolution of the Lender Portal Platform. In addition to its new name, the release of Collertal360 includes an enhanced user interface, expanded reporting capabilities, new… READ MORE >
  |   09.11.2015