How PARCEL and Collateral360 Work Together to Support Commercial Real Estate Due Diligence end-to-end.
For 27 years EDR has been committed to providing the most trusted data and advanced technology to help our customers do their best work faster. As our industry continues to innovate and evolve, we are focusing efforts on supporting the entire commercial property ecosystem through an integrated platform – Collateral360® + PARCEL. Collateral360 Since 2012, EDR has been working with commercial lenders to help improve their workflow for managing services like Phase I ESAs, appraisals, flood certificates and much more.… READ MORE >
What Is Your Firm Doing to Design a "Future Worth Fighting For?"
Last month in Austin, TX, EDR hosted its first-ever PRISM conference, bringing together more than 100 risk management and property due diligence professionals to exchange ideas and insights on the issues reshaping our… READ MORE >
  |   06.02.2016
Industry Insider Speaks Out on Growth/Opportunities in Market Recovery
The Executive Review 2016 edition of EBJ, published by Environmental Business International, included a Q&A with Holly Neber, President of AEI Consultants. EDR Insight is grateful for permission from EBI to post a… READ MORE >
  |   03.01.2016
EDR Insight Webinar: What Should You Be Doing to Develop Superstar Project Managers?
I have been in this industry for 15 years and during that time, I’ve heard from so many Project Managers who are experienced engineers, but find themselves promoted to managers without much business… READ MORE >
  |   11.19.2015
STRATEGIC ALERT: Six Ways to Differentiate Your Firm
For as long as I’ve been an analyst in the property due diligence industry, environmental professionals have been challenged by the need to differentiate themselves in a price-competitive market. Today’s industry is as READ MORE >
  |   10.08.2015
Strategic Intell from Zweig Group’s Hot Firms Conference
Is Your Firm’s Culture Holding You Back from Maximizing Profits? Last week I attended the 2015 Zweig Group Hot Firm and A/E Industry Awards in Boston–a conference that brings together leaders from the READ MORE >
  |   09.11.2015
The FAA Floats Long-Awaited Draft Rules
NOTE TO READERS: The use of unmanned aircraft systems (UAS), popularly known as drones, is making headlines and has captured the attention of many, especially in the real estate field. Last month, the READ MORE >
  |   03.16.2015
Market Intelligence Report: Fourth Quarter 2014
Market Intelligence Report: Fourth Quarter 2014 by Anthony J. Buonicore, P.E.Principal, The Buonicore Group, Shelton, CT GENERAL Sustained economic momentum, robust investor demand and lender optimism has created what is now universally considered… READ MORE >
  |   02.04.2015
Opportunity Knocks: 2015 Forecasts in Key Market Sectors
The forecasts for 2015 are in. Based on EDR Insight’s own research and industry outreach, below are capsule summaries of select markets that will drive opportunities for property due diligence in the new… READ MORE >
  |   01.23.2015