Industry associations: do you have a seat at the table?

Membership to an industry association has myriad benefits: networking, continuing education, job placement and in many cases, professional licensing. Environmental professionals may be Professional Geologist (PG), a Certified Hazardous Material Manager (CHMM) or a Licensed Environmental Professional (LEP) in their state, but in terms of a national industry organization that represents only environmental professionals, there is a noticeable void. A group of EPs recently set out about to fill the gap.

The Environmental Consultants Roundtable (ECR) was started by a group of EPs who are members of the Environmental Bankers Association (EBA) in 2011 to create a unified voice and educate the marketplace on topics important to Phase I professionals. The budding group has this mission: To represent the interests of the environmental due diligence industry and enhance the image of environmental professionals practicing in this sector of the marketplace.

The group meets four times a year in conjunction with spring and fall ASTM E50.02 meetings and summer and winter EBA meetings.
Over the past two meetings, ECR members have outlined, researched, surveyed and presented on the issues that matter most to environmental professionals and are not covered in the ASTM E1527 Standard or another nationally-recognized standard or regulation. The result of this work has come together in a comprehensive whitepaper that is a must read for all EPs! You can access the document through commonground here. The commonground community is acting as the ECR’s virtual home and you can join the group by following this link. You’ll need to sign in to commonground or create in account if you don’t already have one. It’s free and easy.

There is no fee to join the group and all environmental professionals are welcome. If you are interested in becoming a member of the ECR, contact Anthony Buonicore, P.E. at to be added to the email distribution list and be sure to join the commonground group too!

What industry associations are you a part of? What do you think of the ECR whitepaper? Comment below!