Groups Seeks to Enhance the Image of Phase I Environmental Professionals through Unified Voice

The third meeting of the Phase I Environmental Consultants Roundtable (ECR) met during last month’s Environmental Bankers’ Association (EBA) meeting in Newport, RI. The group was formed in January and meets four times a year, during EBA’s winter (January) and summer (June) meetings and ASTM’s spring (April) and fall (October) meetings. Brought together by a shared belief that the environmental due diligence industry lacks a unified voice, the group was formed under the leadership of Anthony Buonicore of Buonicore Partners, LLC. To date, more than 200 Phase I professionals from across the country have already joined the Roundtable.

At the last meeting in June, Roundtable members identified a number of the top issues of concern to Phase I environmental professionals, including commoditization, pricing, EP supervision of junior staff, protective term and conditions language, reliance letters, EP certification, regulatory file reviews, etc. An industry-wide survey based on the top issues of concern will be conducted over the summer with the results discussed at a full day workshop scheduled for October 23, 2012 in Atlanta at the Hyatt Regency, in conjunction with the fall ASTM meeting and the day before the ASTM E 50.02 Phase I Subcommittee meets on October 24, 2012 to finalize the revisions to the E 1527 standard. During this major event, the Roundtable hopes to assemble as many as 400 Phase I environmental professionals, attorneys, lenders and property owners to discuss Phase I issues that are not governed by standards and regulations.

Currently, the ECR functions as an information gathering and disseminating forum. Members hope that by working together to provide a consistent message on industry practice, they will improve the status of the industry and better educate clients. In the future, the group may consider transitioning to a professionally managed trade association.

To learn more, visit commonground, where a special group has been set up to share information and collect feedback from the entire Phase I industry. Visit the site to see the group’s mission and objectives, read about the fall workshop and join the group. There is no cost to become a member of the Roundtable.

Is there an industry organization in your region that seems to be filling this role? Do you think the industry needs a unified voice? Let us know what you think below.