Get Started with Lightbox

Lightbox is included with every Radius Map Report and EDR Package. EPs are telling us it is saving them time and making their records review easier…even fun!

Here’s how:

  1. Viewing your government records in Lightbox is super efficient. Street map, street view, satellite imagery or hybrid? You can switch between the base layers to find the most helpful view. Plus, site details are just a click away.
  2. Sanborn review will never be the same! Not only does Lightbox take advantage of the seamless Sanborn map, but it also allows you to layer your Sanborns directly over a current aerial photo or street map, allowing you to quickly assess the location of historical concerns on your current property.
  3. Lightbox provides handy tools that EPs use regularly in analyzing a property, and you don’t have to leave your work to access them. Measure distances from any place on the map. Jump to Google Street View to get a preview for your site visit, it’s all within Lightbox!
  4. Drawing tools allow you to create complex (or simple) drawings for your report in minutes, which means you no longer have to send requests to your GIS staff or struggle with other programs. You can add captions, points, arrows and shapes to your EDR-ordered imagery with confidence that we always provide copyright permission for use in your report. For more on drawing tools, see this post.
  5. Review sites in Lightbox or continue to use your current methodology for reviewing sites and writing your report. Lightbox supports your current workflow with tools to make your job faster and more enjoyable.

Need more help getting acquainted with Lightbox? One of our experts would love to help. Request a training session here.