City Directory Super Library

Access to More City Directories than Anywhere! 

EDR's City Directory Super Library brings together the largest collection of
historical city directory information ever assembled. Through EDR’s
agreements with major publishers, our hardcopy and digital collections,
and our mobile research facilities, the EDR City Directory Super Library
provides unmatched national coverage and speed of access. EDR's continuing
ongoing investments in the City Directory Super Library will keep it up-to-date and growing.

Highlights of the City Directory Super Library

  • Acquisition of Haines and Stewart directory collections, providing the only reuse permission in the industry
  • Agreements with Polk, Bressers and Cole including copyright and reuse
  • 3400 hardcopy books owned by EDR
  • Billions of digital records
  • 20 field researchers
  • Coverage available nationally
  • "No Coverage" has been virtually eliminated

  • Learn about EDR's City Directory Report

    Super Library Map 2013

    About City Directories

    City directories have been published in the United States for over 100 years and provide a record of property occupants indicative of past use and potential environmental issues.

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