EDR Insight Property Contamination Tracker: AUGUST 2013

EDR, the innovator of the world’s largest and most accurate database of environmental and historical land use records, just released its August 2013 Property Contamination Tracker.

EDR Insight regularly tracks news stories about past contamination impacting commercial and residential properties in the United States. Below is a table of the top 20 stories published in the past month, involving historical property uses (e.g., gas stations, dry cleaners, manufacturing plants, etc.) that generated contamination impacting a target or surrounding properties (e.g., single-family homes, multifamily properties, office buildings, strip malls and more.)

1 CA Shell Oil Tank Farm Blamed for Heath Effects Single-family Petroleum Oil tank farm
2 DE EPA Gave Communities Contaminated Properties Billed ‘Clean’ Vacant Petroleum, hazardous substances Landfill
3 FL Judge Signs Off on Cleanup Single-family Dioxin Wood treatment plant
4 IA Meth Contaminated Buildings Remain Closed Multifamily Methamphetamine Drug lab
5 IA EPA Calms Concerns About Chamberlain Site Single-family PCE, TCE, vapor intrusion Manufacturing plant
6 MD High Court Won’t Reconsider Most of Exxon Ruling Various Gasoline leak Gas station
7 MI Cyanide Found in Groundwater Hotel development Cyanide Unknown
8 MI Ford: We May Not Have Caused Contamination Vacant TCE, TCA Auto plant
9 NJ Lennar Accuses GSA of Hiding Contamination Residential and commercial developments Arsenic, lead, UXO Army ammunition plant
10 NY Assessment to Begin on Contaminated Site Vacant Petroleum Gas station
11 NY County Seeks Phase II ESA Before Foreclosure Commercial Not specified Auto repair
12 NY Mill Owners File $50 Million Lawsuit Over Radioactive Soil Paper mill Radioactive wastes Manufacturing plant
13 NC Banker: Pollution Behind Condo Failure Condo development TCE Manufacturing plant
14 NC Pollution or Economy to Blame for Property Devaluation? Condo development TCE Manufacturing plant
15 NC Neighbors Concerned About Water Contamination Multifamily Not specified Dry cleaner
16 OH Cleaners’ Cleanup Could Be $10 Million Unspecified Perc Dry cleaners
17 PA Arsenic Found in Soil at Former School Retirement community development Arsenic Orchard, farm
18 TX Residents Want Concerns About Base Heard Single-family Toxic chemicals Military base
19 VA Former Plant Site to be Cleaned Up Single-family PCE Aircraft parts mfg
20 WI $7M Settlement in Pollution Dispute Single-family PCE Vehicle parts mfg